The Man

Mckenzie Clark Cipra was born at Kaiser Hospital Eastside in Cleveland, Ohio on July 9, 1977. Raised by his Parents, Rick & Denise Pratt, along with siblings Dakota and Chelsey (Eric Gruver) in the suburb Olmsted Township. The family moved to Loudonville in 1990 where Mckenzie settled into school and enjoyed such activities as hunting, music and big trucks. By 1998, Mckenzie, nicknamed “Frank” by high school pals, was itching for a new adventure in a new place. He moved to Houston, Texas with the promise of a job from a friend’s uncle. Once in Texas, he worked several odd jobs including a stint at Houston Light & Power. He discovered he really enjoyed the local Texas Music scene and found himself backstage at a Charlie Robison show where he met John Evans. It was this new friendship that gave birth to his career in music and his new nickname “Super Frank”.


The Music

Super Frank. Fitting name for a man who wore many hats. To some he was Road Manager, Production Manager, Guitar Tech. To others, he was in charge of Merchandise Sales, Monitor Sound, Stage Manager. He fondly called everyone “Duder” and was famous for his crossed arms pose when taking photos, unique as the man himself. If you were lucky enough to experience his world and his love of all things Music, then you know you were witness to him “Living The Dream”. Frank’s dream included working with some of the greats:

John Evans ••• Hayes Carll ••• Corb Lund ••• Jarrod Birmingham •••Roger Creager

Cody Johnson ••• Bart Crow ••• Old 97’s •••Max Stalling

and various other artists

Concrete Street Amphitheater/Brewster Street Ice House

Miller Pro AVL